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International Education

The international education department's classes are designed for non native English speakers to improve their English language skills. They will learn reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through lessons prepared by our BRI Youth teachers. Our programs includes: 

English as a Second Language (ESL) Class: open to all age groups

English Corner: small group discussions

Lectures: classes for students in China

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English as Extra-curricular class in Xinxing Primary School

      BRI Youth started English as an extra-curricular class for 5th and 6th graders Chinese students in Xinxing Primary School in March 2021. This class was independently taught  by BRI Youth teachers Skylar Qian and Anne Zhou who were native English speakers but also fluent in Chinese.

      Through the training of listening, speaking, and reading, Chinese students can enjoy the engaged classroom teaching, boost their interest in learning English and even build their self-confidence. 

      Skylar also introduce American popular music, video and movies in class. Those activities open the students’ eyes and give them a better understanding of American culture and customs.

As the class is fun, interesting and interactive for Chinese students, it motivates them to actively participate in the class activities.  We receive unanimous positive feedback from the Chinese teachers and students in Xinxing Primary School.

English lessons to middle school students 

      Sophia and Amy are student volunteers who have been providing weekly 2-hour-long virtual English lessons to students in China at LiCunZhen Middle School, located in an impoverished area that cannot afford sufficient English lessons. 
      It started in September 2020. The class allows Chinese students to not only learn conversational English used in common everyday scenarios but experience American culture as lessons are taught through games and fun activities American students do in school. Students will be able to excel in their English pronunciations and vocabularies by listening and speaking to fluent English speakers. 
      This class not only brings Sofia and Amy a lot of joy but is also a time that the students eagerly await every week.

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