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BRI Youth Group delegates responsibilities to different sections of its leadership, guided by its advisory group. The cabinet is responsible for the management and decision-making related to its internal and external affairs. These are the six departments:


Human Resources (HR)

Recruitment and training of BRI youth group members, recording and verification of members’ volunteer work hours, application for President’s Volunteer Award, and assessment of volunteer performance.

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BRI Youth Departments

Meet The Cabinet


Hengrui Liang


Hengrui Liang is a senior who attends Lynbrook high school. He loves playing basketball and hanging out with friends. He is very excited for the opportunity to help manage affairs and improve BRIyouth.


Eleanor Zhang


Eleanor is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys reading and playing tennis in her spare time. She is also passionate about serving her community through BRI since she joined in 2020.


Vivian Hor

Vice President

Vivian is a junior at Milpitas High School. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, crocheting, and serving the community through BRI Youth.


Ivy Lu

English Director

Ivy is a junior attending Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys cooking, reading, and drawing in her free time, and loves teaching children.


Jack Yin

Math Director

Jack is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. He enjoys playing badminton and has competed in USAMO and USACO Platinum.


Evelyn Zhao

Math Director

Evelyn is a rising junior and is one of the math department directors. In her free time, she enjoys watching YouTube and kdramas.


Brandon Zhang

Computer Science Director

Brandon is a senior at Lynbrook High School, and has been teaching Java since 2020. He enjoys building engineering projects, playing badminton, and playing video games.


Aidan Tjon

Computer Science Director

Aidan is a junior at James Logan High. He enjoys teaching Scratch, Python and Java at BRI with a vision to further benefit kids' future.

F539B551-0B93-4B7C-92C5-935AEF4D6D3A - Yan zhu.jpeg

Angelina Zhao

Art Director

Angelina is a junior at Valley Christian High School. She loves to dance, read and play the flute. As a hobby of hers, she also enjoys teaching art.

File_000 - Breanna Lu.jpeg

Breanna Lu

HR Director

Breanna Lu is a junior at Leland High School. She loves to volunteer, listen to music, eat spicy food, and play sports.

Alex Han_edited.jpg

Alex Han

HR Director

Alex is a junior at Wakeland High School. He likes to play video games, swim, and play his band tunes in his free time.


Charles Bi

IT Director

Charles is a sophomore at Milpitas High School. He enjoys listening to music, programming, and playing video games.

IMG_0426 2.jpg

Susanna Tang

IT Director

Susanna is a senior at Lynbrook High School. She enjoys photography, tennis, and exploring the intersections between STEM and humanities.


Amy Liu

Publicity Director

Amy Liu is a sophomore at Irvington High School. She enjoys baking, browsing through Reddit, and drawing while listening to a good audiobook.


Dennis Li

Public Relations Director

Dennis is a junior at Saint Francis High School. He enjoys volunteering and is also a fan of basketball.


Caleb Su

Public Relations Director

Caleb is a junior at Trinity Christian Academy, he enjoys helping younger kids, helping the community, and sports.


Kathryn Liang

Director of Public Relations

Kathryn is a junior at Irvington High School. She likes playing badminton, drawing, and cooking.


Amy Li

Public Relations Manager

Amy is a freshman at American High School. She loves teaching math classes at BRI and enjoys playing volleyball, swimming, and reading in her free time.

Raymond Qian.jpg

Raymond Qian

Advisory Board

Raymond is a graduate of Mission San Jose High School. His favorite subjects are math and physics. He first started working with BRI helping out with the pandemic response. He has had previous experience as a tutor, which inspired him to help younger students during the shelter in place.


Angela Tsang

Advisory Board

Angela Tsang is a graduate of Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California. An avid solo, chamber, and orchestra musician, she is committed to bringing music to the community. In addition, she loves math and biology, and she hopes to pursue music and computer science in college.


Heidi Wang

Advisory Board

Heidi Wang is a graduate of Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys reading and practicing wushu. She has done volunteer work for many years. She started several projects to help health workers and other people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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