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Enrichment Classes

The BRI Arts Department is offering enrichment classes in music theory, drawing level 1 and 2, and public speaking and debate

Writing Music
Sheet Music and Guitar
Girl Drawing
Male Speaker

Creative Writing Workshop

Course Description: This creative writing workshop guides students to use their imaginations while writing original stories on paper. We will be developing essential skills such as building plots, using literary devices, hooking the reader, and forming conclusions. Students will have the opportunity to share their stories with others and receive feedback.


Introduction to Music Theory

Course Description: Studying music theory yields valuable analytical skills fundamental for developing a complete understanding of any musical piece, regardless of time period and genre. The first 5 classes cover the topics of pitch, clefs, notation, keys, and scales. The remaining 5 classes focus on principles of meter, rhythm, and tempo.


Youth drawing (minimal experience needed)

We will cover the basics of drawing, from lines and shapes, to more complex 3D figures. Students will also be made to come up with their own ideas, and use resources to help draw their thoughts. 

> Basics of sketching, colored drawing

> 3D (lighting and perspective)

> Color Theory

> Creativity/imagination (coming up with own ideas)


Teen/ Older Youth drawing (has experience)

We will brief over different concepts of drawing and focus on artistic freedom. We will look at students’ artworks and comment on them. Students will also learn how to better convey realism, and the different techniques which can help them accomplish that. Finally, students will draw something from their imagination while using various resources and/or mediums. 


Public Speaking 

We will focus on teaching students to write fluent speeches and arguments, as well as teaching them how to present themselves with confidence. Students will also add to their vocabulary with frequent terms used in debate, and words to make speeches more eloquent. Students will take their knowledge and compete in either a mini- speech or debate competition with other students. 

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