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Story Time with FCSN Special Kids 

In BRI FCSN Club, more than 15 BRI Youth members help the FCSN special needs students improve their academic and social skills and have fun. 

BRI Youth offers an afterschool program called story time for FCSN students five days every week. They tell the story in two groups, beginning and advanced. This program requests our volunteers to patient and prepared and to know how to interact with these special kids. We receive positive feedback from FCSN afterschool program staff, special needs students, their parents, and BRI Youth families.

Events with FCSN Students 

BRI Youth organizes offline events with FCSN students. A variety of performances, games and other activities enhance the connection between the special needs kids and BRI Youth members. 

Special Needs One on One Tutoring


BRI is a non-profit organization supporting a student-run special needs tutoring program. We celebrate students’ differences, including all learners who need additional support in their academic study and social life. Research has shown that one-to-one tutoring is profoundly beneficial for students with unique learning needs who need the right tools and personalized attention, which is exactly what our tutoring program aims to provide.


Currently, the program will focus on one dedicated academic area, such as English or Math, for each tutoring pair. Our goal is to fill in the missing gaps in the student’s knowledge, provide them with the skills necessary to be independent learners, and help boost their confidence by allowing them to grow in a comfortable learning environment. We hope this program can reach many special needs kids who are facing challenges in school and help them to thrive.

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