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Fremont Homeless Navigation Center Christmas Donation

Christmas is a season full of joy and giving spirit. While we enjoy a family reunion, we also want to provide homeless people with a sumptuous dinner and bring them the items they need.

As Christmas neared 2020, we started a fundraising event for homeless people. The donations collection lasted for several days, and members donated clothes, blankets, shoes, food, and more. We also used the donated money to buy other foods. Many members also specially prepared Christmas cards and a 3D poster to express their caring hearts.

On December 22, three BRI Youth members and members of the Rotary Club of HuaRen in Silicon Valley went to the Fremont Homeless Navigation Center in the early evening to deliver the donations to the shelter. We brought them Chinese dinner, cake, and snacks with the other donations. The people at the center were very happy and greatly appreciative of the donations.

By making these donations, the youth members hoped to make a difference in some people's lives and make them feel warm during the holiday season.

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