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Teen Task Force Makes Face Shields For The Frontline Workers

Updated: Dec 29, 2020


With the spread of COVID-19 cases in the Bay Area and the increasing shortage of medical supplies, a group of Fremont highschoolers started an initiative to make face shields for healthcare professionals in the Bay Area and help keep their workplace safe. Led by two students from Mission San Jose High School, Heidi Wang (Sophomore) and Josie Huang (Junior), they received positive feedback on their original prototype and decided to expand the effort. They plan to make at least 2000 face shields, all of which have already been ordered by local hospitals,

To complete this large task, they created a project team, which has now grown to over 50 teens, throughout the Bay Area, who each individually work in their homes under the shelter-in-place mandate.The students have already finished close to 2500 face shields as demand grows and another 1000 have been preordered.

As of now, sixteen hospitals and health care facilities including PAMF Urgent Care Mountain View, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Urgent Care, Washington Hospital Urgent Care, Fremont Tri-City Health Center have already received the students’ handmade face shields, and many more hospitals are joining the list as more face shields are being made. The handmade masks were greatly appreciated and received positive feedback from hospital staff.

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